Eros Now Confirms More On OnePlus TV Updates, Will Support Dolby Technologies

The information about OnePlus TV is still to come out clearly as to how the product would look like. The latest piece of update comes from the streaming service Eros Now, which has confirmed that it will be partnering with OnePlus for the upcoming OnePlus TV.

This basically means the Eros Now app will be officially available with the Dolby support on the OnePlus TV. This comes just after the official listing page for the OnePlus TV went live on Amazon India, confirming that it will have 8 audio speakers and will support Dolby Atmos audio and the Dolby Vision technology.

It was in August when OnePlus confirmed that the upcoming television will be called the OnePlus TV. That was pretty much the first official confirmation of the existence of the TV product, which had been rumored extensively before that. A few days later, OnePlus confirmed that one of the variants which they will launch shall have a 55-inch QLED panel. And that the smart TV platform will be Android TV with some customizations. There are reports that a 43-inch and larger 75-inch variants will also be sold in some countries, though that is not confirmed. Some reports have also suggested that the OnePlus TV will be powered by a MediaTek MT5670 SoC which includes the Mali-G51 Quad-Core graphics.

“With Eros Now’s stellar lineup of content powered by Dolby technology, we will continue to deliver compelling content seamlessly to OnePlus TV viewers. This will not only enable consumers to widen their horizons and seek real entertainment but also facilitate us with a deeper penetration into the market,” says Rishika Lulla Singh, CEO, Eros Digital.

The QLED TV panel technology is also used by Samsung and is short for quantum-dot LED screen. QLED panels rely on LED backlighting, and the quality of that will have a huge bearing on the contrast ratio and high dynamic range (HDR) performance. Simply put, this display tech is not at the same level as the similar sounding but very different OLED display tech. In an OLED display, individual pixels emits their own light, which then results in better local dimming and illumination of different parts of the screen, depending on the content being viewed at the time.

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