Google Rolls Out Its Lightweight Go Search App On The Play Store Worldwide

Google has started with the global rollout of its Go search app. This is meant for low-end devices specifically. It is a lighter version of the Google Search app at only 7 MB and it’s incredibly fast. Earlier the app was available in a few countries already and now the company has made it available for everyone on the Play Store.

Google Go can be installed on every Android device running Android 5.0 Lollipop and above. Along with providing search results, the app can also remember your search results for later use. At its I/O 2019 conference, Google showed a demo of Lens integrated into the Go app. It can be used to read, translate and search for words by only using the camera. The app can read out the words and even translate them while also reading it out to you.

Another cool feature about Google Go is that it can be used to read out text aloud from websites. It has an AI-powered read-out-aloud feature that enables you to listen to words highlighted by you on any web page.

Google Go is part of the Android Go OS that’s a stripped-down version of the stock Android system which is meant for low-powered devices in emerging markets. It includes other stripped-down or lighter versions of Google apps such as Gallery Go, Gmail Go, and YouTube Go.

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