Tata Harrier Owner Spends ₹75k To Install 19 Inch Aftermarket Accessory

Tata Harrier stock alloys has been a great topic of discussion since its launch. The vehicle does not give options on alloys, even as accessory. As a result of this, some pwners have already started installing aftermarket accessories on the Harrier. 

One such owner is Anil Khanna, who recently shared a photo on Tata Harrier Facebook group, showing the new dual tone alloys of his Harrier. He has replaced the stock alloys and tyres with larger 19 inch. After exchange, the upgrade cost him Rs 75,000. He has also shared a before and after photo of the Harrier, one with 19 inch dual tone upgraded alloys and one with 17 inch stock alloys.

When asked by a member of the group, whether the larger alloys will deteriorate the ride quality, Mr Khanna says – “it has become much more sturdier post the transformation.” Will it hamper the suspension? – “Sir I am a certifies automobile engineer, was associated with premium brands for the past so many years, trust me, nothing goes wrong till the car indicates – if the wheels touch the mudgaurd edges whilst turning, you have made a mistake, if there is 3-4 inch space between the wheel and the wheel arch- you are ok,” Mr Khanna replied.

He might be right. There may not be any issue with 19 inch alloys, as Tata themselves showcased Harrier with 19 inch dual tone alloys in Geneva last week. Images of the same can be seen below.

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